WemeMall Security Home Camera 1080p WiFi Smart Wireless Indoor

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  • Remote Monitor online: You can connect this camera to your home wifi, so when you’re far away from home, you can watch your home through its APP on your phone.
  • Hotspot Connection: If your home has no wifi, you can connect this camera with your phone’s hotspot. This supports you to watch your gate, backyard or other places when you are in bedroom.
  • HD 1080P Wansview: It comes with dual 1080P and 720P versions. When wifi is fast, use 1080P. If wifi is bad, use 720P.
  • Super Wide Vision: This wifi Security Camera can move vision up to horizotally 355° and vertically 120°.
  • Video Storage: It supports SD cards from 8G to 128G (128G can store 32 days’ footage). 
  • Remote Speaker: You can remotely speak to the person who is near the camera, just via your mobile.
  • Automatic Alarm on Moving Persons: If somebody moves in front of the camema, it will trigger the alarm to you.
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Ghana Wifi Home Security Camera for Home

Wifi Security Camera can help you watch you home, shop, land or farm through your smart phone remotely, as long as your home has WIFI. You can speak through it, or trigger a warning beep if some stranger slips into your house. 

If your house has no wifi, don’t worry, you can connect it via your phone hotspot. In this case, when you’re lying on bed, you can watch your gate, backyard, baby room or other places through your phone. (Note: In this case, you CANNOT watch your house remotely in another city – if you wannt do that, please ensure your home has WIFI).

What you will get with 230 cedis?

  • Smart Camera x 1
  • USB Cable and Plug x 1
  • Maual x 1
  • Screws & Bolts x 1 set
  • Record Card 32G x 1
  • Free Delivery in Accra or to VIP Stations for other cities.



Multiple Users: More than one family memebers can see videos through their single mobile at remote locations.
Super Wide Vision: This wifi Security Camera can automatically move vision to horizotally 355° and vertically 120°,
Clear Vision: It supports dual HD 1080P and 720P, with day model and  night sight vision.
Video Storage: It supports SD memory cards from 8G to 128G, and 128G can store 32 days’ footage.
Remote Speaker: You can remotely speak to the person who is standing near the camara via your phone.
Real-time Human Detection Alert.: If somebody moves in front of the camema, it will trigger the alarm to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the video clear at night?
It has night vision function, you can see things with the help of roadside lamp.

2. Can this camera be used for baby monitors?
Yes, it works well to watch your baby, pets, etc.

3. Does it require a subscription?
No subscription necessary. And if you put a memory card you get to play videos of, for example previous days. Plus, more than one person can download the app and watch the camera.

4. Can the camera zoom?
Yes, zoom within 3 times camera range.

5. Can you watch your pet live through your phone? Do you need to pay for an app?
The app is totally free and you can watch and talk to your pet live.

6. What phones does this camera support?
As long as yours is a smart phone or ipad and can download its APP. 

7. Can this camera be mounted on walls?
Yes. Not only walls, but also ceilings are also ok with it.

8. Is this wireless?
Yes, it uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

9. Can I get multiple cameras on the same phone device and use them at the same time?
Yes, the app allows you to add/manage multiple cameras.

10. Can it be used for video conferencing from my laptop?

11. Is the 2-Way Audio speaker clear? Can the volume be adjusted?
Very clear and the volume can be adjusted.

12. Can you watch it through the camera when you are not at home?
Yes, you can.

13. Do you have playback ability with this camera?
With the SD record card, it has playback ability. We offer one 32G SG card when you buy this camera, and it can record 8 days’ video. If you want a bigger capacity SD card like 64G or 128G, this camera also fits that.

14. So what SD cards does this camera fits? I mean, how many days it can record the video for?
It supports SD cards of 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G and 128G.
SD 8G for 2 days, 16G for 4 days, 32G for 8 days, 64G for 16 days and 128G for 32 days.

15. Do it has battery inside?
No, it needs to be connected to electricity outlet or power bank or a laptop. It comes with USB cables.

16. Is it waterproof? Can I put it under rains when recording video?
Not waterproof, please do not get it wet by rains. It’s an indoor device.

Steps to Use:

  1.  Download its APP on your smart phone and register one account with your email.
  2. Plug the camera in electricity socket, waiting for seconds till the camera automatically rotates and beeps.
  3. Local Connecting (AP Mode): If you wanna to connect it to hotspot, please serch wifi on your phone, and you will find ‘Camera XXX’, click it to connect. Note: if you fail to find ‘Camera XXX’, please walk or move in front of the camera to activate it.
  4. Wifi Connecting Mode: If you wanna connect it to your home wifi, log in the APP, and click ‘Add Camera’. The APP will show you a QR code, please show it to the camera for 1 minutes to connect to the camera. It will sound guide you.

Payment: Pay on Delivery, MTN Momo in Accra.
Delivery: If the products you buy on WemeMall are up to 250ghs, we do free delivery in Accra, Tema and to VIP Stations in Accra. If the items are less than 250 ghs, we charge 20 ghs as delivery cost in Accra, Tema or to VIP Stations.
Return & Refund Policy: Acceptable in 7 days after delivery.
Warranty: 1 year.

For more questions or details, please contact WemeMall.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Security Wifi Camera

Device Size

Height 10 cm x Width 6 cm


HD1080P and 720P

SD Card

Capacity up to 128G for 32 Days


Remote Controlling, With Night Vision, Supports up to128G Storage (32 days), Alarm Setting, Moves Monitor, Remote Speaker, etc.

Packing List

Security Camera x 1
USB x 1
Plug x 1
Installation Screws x 1 set



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WemeMall Security Home Camera 1080p WiFi Smart Wireless Indoor

GHS 230.00GHS 270.00 (-15%)

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