Chicken Feather Plucker, Defeather Plucking Machine, Feather Cleaner

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  • Big Capacity. This feather plucker can removl hair of 7~8kg per time.
  • Fast Feather Cleaning. It can remove feathers off chickens within 30 seconds.
  • Easy to Use & Fast Efficiency. Just grab a garden hose, put the hot water warmed chickens (not alive) inside, spray water into the drum, turn on the plucker to starting rotating. 
  • Wide Application. The plucker on wemeMall is great for plucking chickens, Bantam chickens, Turkey, ducks, gooses and other similar sized birds. 
  • Self Pick Up in Ghana Only. Due to the big size, we only accept self picking up at our place. You are recommended to drive to our place to pick it up (check the plucker’s dimensions to ensure your vehicle’s back booth is big enough please).

Chicken Feather Plucker / Poultry Feather Plucking Machine / Feather Removal

Chicken Feather Plucker is a must-have equipment during poultry processing if you plan to speed up defeathering efficiency. It can automatically remove the feather off chickens or turkeys. This Chicken Plucking Machine on wemeMall is a tub style, made of #430 stainless steel and lined with yellow rubber fingers, appropriate for removing the feathers of medium and larger birds such as chicken, turkeys.



Model No.: WM-50
External Dimensions: 58 cm x 58 cm x Height 90 cm (22.8”x 22.8”x 35.4”)
Voltage: AC220V, 50hz (fits Ghana)
Material: 430 Food-Graded Stainless Steel
Current draw: 1500w
Motor speed: 275 r/min
Capacity: 7~8 kgs (4~5 chickens) per time
Plucking Time: 30 seconds
Water Tap Hole: yes
Rubber Fingers: 106 pcs (56 on the barrel, 50 on the chassis)
Net Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)


Operation Instruction:

1. Use warm water to soften the chickens (not alive).
2. Put the chickens inside the feather plucker.
3. Turn on the plucker to start rotating.
4. Turn on the water tap to make sure the water is used on chickens when plucking.
5. When the feathers are cleaned (generally 30 seconds), turn off the plucker, take chickens out and use water to flush out the feathers.
6. If there are tiny feathers remained on chickens, use tweezers to clean them.



1. How many chickens can be plucked every time?
Generally 5 or 4 chickens, it depends on their weights. This plucker capacity is 7~8 kg.

2. What is the power specification?
It needs AC220V, 50hz.

3. Does it come with water tap hole?
Yes. You can connect water hose onto it to ensure running water when plucking.

4. How to use it?
The plucker is kind of like clothes washing machine. Please see above ‘Operation Instruction’ for reference.

5. Do you offer door-to-door delivery?
No, we advise customers to wemeMall appointed place to pick it up.
Its size is 60 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm, namely 22.8”x 22.8”x 35.4″. Your vehicle must be bigger than it.

6. Can I use it for plucking quails’ feathers?
It is NOT recommended to pluck quails due to different body size and meat strength.


Pay on Delivery in Accra is acceptable.

6 months after delivery.

Return & Refund
In 15 days, you can return it for replacing or refund back. Click here for details.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 90 cm

1kg Chicken x 5pcs

Plucking Time

30 seconds

Metal Material

#430 Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Motor Speed

275 r/min

Water Hole



AC220V, 50hz (fits Ghana)


1.5 kW

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Chicken Feather Plucker, Defeather Plucking Machine, Feather Cleaner

GHS 2,650.00GHS 2,999.00 (-12%)