Why do you need a defeather machine?

Why do farms need the feather plcuking machine?

Every professional poultry farm should be equipped with the most durable and sanitary equipment. This will ensure the best quality of meat and eggs. Many farmers in Ghana supply their workers with special commercial grade devices for plucking. Like all farmers know, the right equipment makes the world of a difference.

Some believes that plucking feathers by hand is quick. WemeMall just simply disagrees on this. With an electric plucking machine, you can pluck several birds in seconds. Simply turn the plucker on, put the chickens or birds in, spray down the feathers and watch. In 30 seconds, the birds are coming out silky smooth. WemeMall feather pluckers house powerful motors and simply work more efficiently than plucking feather by hand.

How does the Defeather Machine work?

Poultry processing houses or meat chicken farms used to spend a lot of time in plucking the feather before making further processing. Manual processing is very slow, costing more labour. With a defeather machine, farms can automatically remove chickens’ feather.

If you have ever used a clothes washing machine, you will figure out how the plucker works. Yes, they work basically the same way.

After you turn on the machine, you just need to put chickens (non alive then) inside it, and the plucker will rotate like a clothes washer. In half a minute, 4 or 5 chickens inside the machine will be automatically feather-removed.

How many chickens does a feather plucker clean for a time?

WemeMall feather removal can pluck 4 chickens in 30 seconds per time. If the chickens are smaller size, it can pluck 5 chickens.

Generally, before Christmas, chicken feather pluckers are most demanded in Ghana. Here WemeMall recommends customers to prepare the purchase in advance to prevent stock out.

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